Ironing Board Cover: A New Pinoy-LV Merchandise

Louis Vuitton is known to be an irrationally expensive leather bag.  The most expensive LV bag so far is actually equivalent to a fully furnished 1-bedroom condo unit here in the Philippines.  LV actually has diversified in terms of its products.  They no longer just vend eclectic leather goods.  They also sell timepieces, accessories, apparels, shoes, fine jewelry and even luxurious condoms.

lv condom (is this haute couture?)

After looking into the website of genuine and authentic LV, their fashion house actually has yet to feature one product that is however already circulating here in the streets of Metro Manila.  It’s the LV Ironing Board Cover!

a new pinoy-lv merchandise (available only in the streets of metro manila)

I purchased myself a piece and replaced the old and grubby cover of my 10-year old ironing board.  It snugly fits the wooden plank and gives a perfectly smooth and even ironing surface because of the triple-layer construction.  What’s more, unlike the usual LV merchandise, it’s cheap.  The toothless street vendor is selling it at 100 pesos (US$ 2.35), but using my impeccable charm in haggling I got it at eighty pesos (US$1.88).

Read this aloud the way a jolly Home TV Shopping voice-over does it: “Put fashion into your ironing!  LV Ironing Board Cover, it brightens up the ironing! It brightens up your home!”

It’s platsa taym…

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