Feeling Kafkaesque

Feeling kafkaesque.  This is exactly how I felt because the severe and cruel Cyber Crime Law of the Philippines takes effect today.  Without the implementing rules and regulations of this newly implemented law, it evokes nightmarish feelings of disorientation and helplessness.  A lot of mixed-up thoughts would sneak into my mind on what shall be a specific idea that can be posted, shared or “liked” on my social network account that will not make me a cyber criminal.  I feel so disoriented with this law that it even came to a point of thinking that “liking” a photo of a freshly cooked medium well steak posted by a friend on Facebook would be so offensive to the vegetarians these vegetarians can file a case against me.

Feeling kafkaesque.  This is exactly how I felt after watching the multi-awarded movie entitled Give Up Tomorrow which has a limited run in few movie houses in the metro.  It is a docu-film about Paco Larranaga who was convicted of a crime which the movie claims he clearly did not commit yet struggles for the elusive justice and vindication.  His life and his family have been overpowered by the bizarre and cruel Philippine bureaucracies.  I felt so baffled and perplexed about the incomprehensibly complex and illogical circumstances he was faced with regarding the embarrassing Philippine justice system. His struggles as well as the events that transpired and still transpiring sent me chills, I was squirming on my seat while watching.  I have nothing but remorse for this man and his family.

Grabe, ang sakit sa anit! Ikaw? Nakakapkaisk ka ba?

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