I’m Now A Samsung Fan

I am bitten by a bug called Samsung.  Last week I posted on my Facebook that I want a Samsung Galaxy Note II for my upcoming birthday.  Actually, I have yet to own a Samsung gadget but nevertheless the first and only Samsung unit I purchased is actually not a gadget but a huge refrigerator as a gift for Nengkoy.  Today, after having chanced upon an adorable Thai short-film entitled “Love at First Flight“, I can officially say that I am a Samsung fan.

Love at First Flight is a 30-minute Samsung commercial-ad-cum-romantic-comedy movie.  The story, the Thai actors and the plot are sooo cute. The movie is such a bastion of pure charm.  It would be pretty hard not to purchase yourself a Samsung gadget after watching this…

No wonder Samsung is the best selling electronic gadget of our time.  And it looks like Samsung’s virtual ship has sailed and is watching how Apple gets smaller and smaller who’s standing on the shore punching its fists up in the air…

Ang kyut noh…

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