Cobre Cama

After an epoch and a half, I suddenly felt the urge to change my bed sheets.  While tucking the seams of the sheets, like a virus awakened from hibernation in the deepest recess of my cranial cavity, I suddenly realized that almost all mothers in the Philippines changed the bed sheets of their kids last November 2.

This is attributed to the Pinoy belief that kids who play with fire like a lighted candle will end up suffering from nocturnal enuresis (peeing on bed while deeply asleep).  Trooping and spending a considerable amount of time at the cemetery is no fun if you as kid is not permitted to collect thawing wax and form it into a ball from the melting lighted candles that were lit on the tombs of the departed loved ones every November 1.  In the Philippines every November 1 at the cemetery, a kid’s coolness and savvy-ness is measured by the size of the collected ball of wax.

Though there is no scientific and empirical study on how playing with fire is directly connected to a child’s urinary bladder, let me impose my own particular explanation.  Kids during the Day of the Dead (November 1) are so engrossed in waiting for the lighted candles to melt for them to collect the liquefying wax.  Kids would not have the time and opportunity to go to a lavatory for them to release their excess in bodily fluid.  They would not want to lose the opportunity to collect the melted wax since another kid (a cousin, a sibling or a kid from an adjacent or nearby tomb) may also be eyeing to collect these melting wax from lighted candles.  Also, kids would not want to pee, do something else or walk away from the lighted candles since a melted wax easily solidifies and would be difficult to bend and glue-in into the increasing ball of wax.

With this rationalization, we can therefore conclude that there is a direct mutuality between the diameters of the collected ball of wax and that of the child’s urinary bladder.  The bigger the collected ball of wax results to bigger bloated urinary bladder.  This ends up to bed wetting which in turn also results to their mother’s changing of Cobre Cama (bed sheet) early in the morning the following day.

Susmaryosep! Nagpalit lang ng kobre kama, ang dami ng sinabi. Hmp!

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