A Whopping Over Sized Thanks

Failing to express gratitude is like wrapping a present that will never be given away.

It’s official.  Last November 24, I have been in this human body for a period of 14,610 days. I can proudly say that I have not been too dumb and have fallen behind the pack.  I can proudly say that I have not been fiercely too bright to the point of being noxiously arrogant.  I was just right smack in the middle.  And for the next 14,610 days, I will still do my best to live a balanced, calm and focused life.  With God’s grace and assistance I will remain to be in-charge of my life with wonder and enthusiasm.

The personal birthday greetings I received during the week of my birthday were just overwhelming.  It really felt like you (my family, friends and colleagues) were just arms away.  I may not have won the lotto whose grand prize was the highest in the country’s history last November 24 (no one did) but it felt like I was triumphant in building a priceless personal relationships with people.  Because of this, let me express my deepest whopping over-sized thanks to all of you…

At tama kayo sa sinabi nyo’ng delisyus, makinis, gordyus at yami ako.

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