My Dove Man

While wasting time and lazing around in my living room, I learned through a TV ad that Dove has an on-going promo which challenges folks to write an essay or testimonial about their Dove Man.  I am still mustering full courage to send this short essay and hoping that this could be a possible entry.  Instead of sending it, I obviously posted it here in this virtual journal.  Here’s how it goes…

He is the man who taught me the second half of the alphabet.  He is the one who made me aware about the existence of pomade.  He always summons me to buy Rubie blade in the nearby neighborhood store when his shaver’s blade is already dull.

He is Joe, my father who worked hard in the Middle East for more than 10 years to financially buttress me and my siblings’ studies. He left for Saudi Arabia to work when I was still a kid.  Yes, my father was one of the first batches of Pinoys who worked as an OFW.  I even used his Pan Am airline bag he received as a giveaway in one of his flights back to Manila as my schoolbag when I was in Grade 3 until Grade 4.

Before the word Balikbayan Box was coined here in the Philippines, we were already receiving imported goods sent by my father via door-to-door delivery service.  Nengkoy never purchase corned beef and bath towels from the local department stores since Joe always made sure that these items are always included in his parcel of goodies.  Our coffee was either Taster’s Choice, Sanka or Maxwell House.  Our shampoo was either Suave or Head & Shoulders.  Our chocolates were Toblerone, Baby Ruth and Kisses.  Nengkoy never misses to receive tubes of Ben Gay for her physical aches and pains and huge containers of Ponds and Oil Of Olay for her beauty regimen.

Joe’s Katas ng Saudi (products of hard work, blood, sweat & tears) package will not be complete without the bath soap.  Dove.  Multiple bundled bars of Dove bath soaps are the ones that complete the entire package.  Honestly, through the years, I may have tried other bar soaps that lather my gorgeous body.  But let me confess that when it comes to bath soaps, Dove is the first brand that enters my mind.  I admit that the foundation of my childhood’s soft silky skin is because of Dove.  Thanks to Tatay Joe my loving father.

Actually, while I was growing up I actually know that Dove is a bar of soap not a bird.  Because for me the English translation of the Filipino word kalapati was pigeon.  This is all because of Joe, my Dove Man.

Siguro malaking tsansang manalo ko sa patimpalak na yan… Hahaha!

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