From Madocian to Mighty Titan

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a certain Catherine Aquino attaching the official statement of Manila Doctors College’s name change.  It indicates that the school will now be named Manila Tytana Colleges – naming the school after the mother of its Chairman.

I respect the MDC management’s decision in its name change but I being a simple alumnus of MDC (and other Madocians for sure) are definitely saddened about this development.  This prompted me to wear an all-black-clothing today for me to personally observe the death of the name of a school I learned to love, value, honor and adore.

A couple of months ago, I even wrote a foolish and ridiculous write-up about this issue in this blog when rumors reached me with the hopes that this little-tattle is not true.  Consider this as my initial reaction of “in denial” and “anger” stages of grief.   (please click “here” if you wish to check it out)

Well I guess, any effort to reverse MDC management’s decision may be too late already and I should learn to accept the fact that the internationally renowned name Manila Doctors College will soon be blasted into smithereens.

With its new name, there will be a lot of compelling and necessary adjustments, modifications and transformations that the former MDC’s present management will have to do which I would not want to enumerate here in this write-up.  It’s their job, so let them do it!

Being part of the corporate world for more than 15 years, I would like to believe that “change” is one inevitable reality that people should accept so as to adapt to the ever changes in the corporate world.  “Change” makes businesses to move forward, further its security, be more adaptable, and of course be more financially sound.  I’d rather change the name of the business institution and move forward instead of restraining its capacity to expand due to the limitations of the institution’s name and end up losing and closing it down.  Therefore, I’d rather change the name of Madocs to something else for it to grow further rather than limiting its capacity to swell or totally kill it.

Another thing that will be definite, “Madocians” death will give rise to the “Mighty Titans”.  I am a former “Madocian” but a newborn “Mighty Titan”.  I respect the opinions and sentiments of all Madocians.  I hope you respect mine…

Sabi nga ni manong Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, “Hi hu mubs nat porward, gows bakward”.  Pis…

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