Biting a Tasty Tongue at Café Adriatico

I envy Virginia.  While having my lip-smacking Tamis Anghang Longganisa (Sweet & Spicy Filipino Sausage) served with fried rice for my lunch at Café Adriatico, I suddenly got envious with what Virginia (my voluptuous officemate) was having.  She was having the delicious looking Lengua Estofada (Ox Tongue Stew).  I failed to resist my supreme urge for I took a slice from her plate and bite it.

Definitely not just a slip of a tongue but the taste was sooo heavenly I want to repent!  Lengua Estofada is a dish that richly justifies that ox tongue is not only edible but also delicious.

I even became more envious (guilty actually) when I remembered that the meal she is having is part of Café Adriatico’s Good To Dine Promo.  As part of its worthy campaign, the restaurant donates portion of its sales of Lengua Estofada dish to the UP-PGH Cancer Institute which provides care to indigent cancer stricken Filipinos.

Parang ako ang dilang yan… Masarap.

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