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Blaming Millenials on the Dwindling Availability of Greeting Cards

One of my monster pamangkins (nephew) recently shared this in his Facebook page…

It may have some good points but I’m sorry because I find this video-message seem to border on egotism, arrogance and conceit.  This is my personal stand on this clip after me and Nengkoy had difficulty looking for a greeting card. Hahaha!  I felt sadness while inside the National Bookstore (the leading books, stationaries and greeting card store in the country).  It is because the availability of greeting cards have dwindled in the stores where it is usually available.

Nengkoy wanted to send a Thank You card to one of her best friends who is based in the United States because this sweet longtime friend sent her a package of American-made presents.  Unfortunately, National Bookstore no longer seem to sell Thank You greeting cards and what is so evident is that greeting cards are now positioned at one lonely corner of the store with very limited themes and varieties to choose from.  Gone are the days when almost half of National Bookstore is filled with various types of colorful greeting cards.

nengkoy searching for a thank you greeting card

And I am blaming the millenials for this turn of events.  It is because the generation today no longer send greeting cards via post or snail mail.  Millenials may love to travel and go on an adventure but gone also are the days when travelers around the planet would get a postcard from a local store of their destination and send it home via postal.

Today’s generation can easily send a recycled, reused and secondhand digital greeting to a friend’s or relative’s social media account, which for me is a little cold, stony and unfeeling. It is unlike receiving a greeting card which is more warm, tender and congenial because you know that it took quite an effort on sending such a tangible greeting.

Yeah millenials are fast, smart and proficient but I just hope that classy and classic Greeting Cards remains available for the likes of Nengkoy and those who were born before this seem-to-be-conceited generation.  I hope today’s fast paced generation would acknowledge that the likes of Nengoy and the older folks are the precursors to the development of delightful living for today’s young population to enjoy.

Kalungkot lang…


A Douchebag Recipient of the One Lovely Blog Award

This expression of gratitude is long overdue.  So let me express one awesome thanks to SpiritualJourney17 for nominating the Nengkoy blog to the One Lovely Blog Award.one lovely blog award

Similar to all the disobliging folks who caused for the end of the worldwide trend on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (or did it just died a natural death?), I too will digress in following the rule of the One Lovely Blog Award.

Rules of the award are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog
  • List the rules and display the award
  • Add 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 7 or more other bloggers and leave a comment in one of their posts for them to know they have been nominated

I followed the first 2 rules.  The third rule can be found among the impish write-ups in this blog.  But for the last rule, I don’t know (personally) that much number of bloggers.  Consider me then to be one of the few uncooperative jerks and recipients who foolishly cut this amazing chain.  But still, let me thank SpiritualJourney17 for this incredible nomination!

‘Di ko inekspek ‘to! Salamat…


Being a breathing inhabitant of this beautiful tropical country, I would like to share this heartwarming THANK YOU video to all those who helped, expressed sympathy, donated and prayed for my country during and after the series of devastating earthquakes and super typhoons that hit the Philippines last year…

Indeed, even the expression of deep gratitude is more fun in the Philippines…

Tenk Yu …

A Whopping Over Sized Thanks

Failing to express gratitude is like wrapping a present that will never be given away.

It’s official.  Last November 24, I have been in this human body for a period of 14,610 days. I can proudly say that I have not been too dumb and have fallen behind the pack.  I can proudly say that I have not been fiercely too bright to the point of being noxiously arrogant.  I was just right smack in the middle.  And for the next 14,610 days, I will still do my best to live a balanced, calm and focused life.  With God’s grace and assistance I will remain to be in-charge of my life with wonder and enthusiasm.

The personal birthday greetings I received during the week of my birthday were just overwhelming.  It really felt like you (my family, friends and colleagues) were just arms away.  I may not have won the lotto whose grand prize was the highest in the country’s history last November 24 (no one did) but it felt like I was triumphant in building a priceless personal relationships with people.  Because of this, let me express my deepest whopping over-sized thanks to all of you…

At tama kayo sa sinabi nyo’ng delisyus, makinis, gordyus at yami ako.