The Smell Of Paper

paperInside a mall hanging out with my relatives and while waiting on queue for our turn to dine in a Japanese restaurant, I excused myself to rush to the nearest bookstore.  I purchased a book authored by Mitch Albom to feed my brain during weekends.  When I arrived in the restaurant my nephews and nieces checked on the book, how much it was and discussed that they have read other works of Mr. Albom.

My eldest nephew suggested downloading books from the internet and read it form my iPod Touch for it is sometimes free or cheaper instead of having the hassle of buying pricey bulky books.  My second to the eldest niece suggested downloading audio books, which she explained to be even more chic and even more hassle free for you can listen to stories while doing other stuff.

I refuse both suggestions.  For one, I don’t know where and how to download an e-book or an audio-book.  I admit that I am a moron on this new technology.  But my main reason is because I like the musty smell of paper.  My silly sister suggested shoving a lot of paper inside my nasal cavity while reading an e-book if the smell of paper is the only reason.

Books in its old fashioned form may not be earth-friendly anymore but the feel of crisp paper on my hand and the act of turning the pages is a gesture of visiting another world, another life, another space in time.  E-books and audio-books may be avant-garde but I still enjoy the traditional way of exploring lives, places, cultures and emotions may it be fiction or not in the comforts of my bedroom.  I also love stocking books that I have finished reading.  After some time, the paper will turn sepia and its musty smell even grows more intense.  The color and smell reminds me of how nourished and enriched my twisted brain has been.

Oo.  Adik ako. Papel ang tinitira ko.

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