Ice Age 3: A Super Cool Movie

ice ageI barely remember the last time I laughed hard inside a cinema.  It’s been eons of years ago that I freely laughed towards an American-made film.  I know that it is so easy to make me laugh but I started to wonder if the Americans do not have the quirk to tickle me anymore.  However, the inkling has ended after watching Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

The movie is a hilariously fun family movie.  It has engaging characters, tons of gags and sweet little comedies.  The movie even has some adult humor that is still acceptable to the mind of little kids.  Movie critics’ major expostulation about the film seems to be the fact that dinosaurs were extinct during the ice age.  I didn’t know it was supposed to be a scientific documentary.  Hello, it’s a film for kids; it’s supposed to be fun and entertaining!

I particularly loosen my wits off during the scene when Manny, Diego, Crash and Eddie (The Two Possems) get stuck in the green toxic laughing-gas and they realize that their voices changed into high pitched tones and start to crack up and make fun of themselves.  These characters were hilariously laughing at their own laughs in the scene.  I was literally chuckling along with the characters and felt how they felt.  The movie is such a big riot!

It is so fitting because all my immediate family members are present in the movie house – all 21 of my nephews and nieces, all my brothers and sisters, all my brother and sister-in-laws and of course Nengkoy.  Yes, the whole family watched the movie occupying the whole cinema.  I will personally not forget this movie event because it is such a rare occurrence that the whole humongous family that I have would watch a side-splitting film all at the same time.

Hagikgik to the maks!

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