You Coco Lychee!

coco lycheeAs serious as it may seem, I couldn’t stop chuckling at an intense letter of complaint sent by an angry client in one of the Class A restaurants in the metropolis.  The client introduced herself as an executive of a top insurance company in the country.  After reading the letter, I think this angry executive is the one who needs retraining on how to prepare a well constructed and grammatically correct business letter or even a simple letter of complaint.  Here’s her letter, enjoy…

Please retrain your personnel in your xxxx xxxx restaurant, they accidental threw som hot chocolate at my back and did not bother to apologize until the time i freak out , I been a very loyal client in that restaurant, ( 1st date, 1st business transaction etc) It happened last night july 4 2009. Your server’s name is xxxx xxxx. He is so stupid and arrogrant. You dont have a manager on duty, just a OIC. even you drink are so lousy now, your margarita taste like water with crash ice. You coco lychee taste so awful , every thing is changing, sayang naman

Pwede naman kasi mag-Tagalog!  Haler…

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