Cory Aquino: My Kind of President

coryIn the height of Cory Aquino’s worsening health condition due to the spread of cancer cells in her other body organs and the fear of loosing a dear Pinoy icon, I remember one proudest moment of my being a Filipino. 

 It is when I watched Philippine President Corazon C. Aquino appeared and addressed the joint session of the United States Congress in 1986.  It was Cory in her prime and the Filipino people in their most shining moment during the ‘80s!  I felt that the Americans were giving a long and big emotionally filled applause not only to Madam Cory upon entering the hall but also to the Filipino people for doing a job well done by peacefully eliminating a long-standing dictator.

 After reviewing the event in YouTube, the most moving part of the speech is when Cory promised that the country’s accumulated foreign debt – as looted and corrupted by the former dictator – shall be paid by the Filipino people.  The very people who in the first place never benefited form it.  She did not appeal to dissolve the country’s arrears but instead she gently urged the Americans to support the new democratic Philippines.  She said, “You have spent many lives and much treasure to bring freedom to many lands that were reluctant to receive it, and here you have a people who won it by themselves and need only to help to preserve it.”

Her addressing the US Congress’ joint session was such a fine beginning for a new Philippines, but it all seem to go down the drain.  I wish that all present political figures in the country are of the same brain waves as that of Cory.  For sure, the dream of being a well respected race would be so easy to achieve.  The speech is full of inspirations and moral boosters I hope and pray that the young citizens of today would be able to watch this historic event.  Lastly, I demand the country’s commission on elections to require all politicians running for a government post next year to watch and listen to this glorious event and meaningful speech.

Cory Aquino will eventually leave this earth, but three things are for sure: she has a beautiful soul; she definitely captured our hearts; and, she will always be my kind of president.

Lab yu Tita Cory…

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