7 Pinoy Films In 2 Days (A Cinemalaya Episode)

cinemyalaThanks to Mrs. Eugene Billones for the complimentary tickets she gave me for this year’s Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.  Because of her I was able to watch an unprecedented seven Filipino films in two days.  I have never been exposed to this amount of Filipino films in my life.

Five of the films were short indie-films entitled: Musa; Tatang; Hulagpos; Behind Closed Doors; and, Wat Floor Ma’am.  While the other two are full length films entitled Colorum and Dinig Sana Kita.  Take note, all these films were in competition and not just mere “feature film” in the festival.

behindclosedI usually feel dumb after watching a short film.  Maybe it’s because the short films I watched in the past were all too deep-seated in which the viewer would have to have their own personal interpretation about the film, but not for Behind Closed Doors.  It is my personal favorite among the five short-films I watched.   I liked it because it featured two of Pinoy society’s taboo sex gizmos (the condom and the vibrator) being vital objects in the story.  It is also an impressive movie because of the superb editing efforts.  No scene is wasted because each is fundamental in the total construction of interesting twists in the story. The movie is wittingly and intricately presented.   

DinigSanakitaPOSTERresizeBetween the two full length films I watched, I prefer Dinig Sana Kita (If I Knew What You Said).  The film is simple, pleasant and apolitical.  It is not necessarily a tearjerker but the whole film is endearing and charming yet very unique.  It is a story about an abandoned-by-parents and deaf-at-birth young man who loves to dance and a troubled-by-parents and soon-to-be-deaf young lady who loves to sing.  Surprisingly, the performances of the actors were effective.  It is a unique movie that was able to cater to the deaf audience.  It is believed to be the first Filipino film to have a deaf actor in the lead role.  Its simplicity in story and presentation made the movie a very good festival film.  The film was so impressively heartwarming the crowd gave a standing ovation and burst in a loud applause at the end of the film.

 Mabuhay ang Cinemalaya! Klap! Klap! Klap!

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