The Shack (also a re-post)

(Originally this post was released in June 2008 from my previous blog in Friendster that would not transfer.  Reason of which is I don’t know…)

shack2My social schedule for the past week has been literally empty, thus, enabling me to finish reading a very good book.  The Shack by William P. Young, a compelling and beautiful mortal-guy-meets-and-talks-to-God novel.

In the novel, the Holy Trinity is uniquely presented as figures that are easy to talk to, way beyond how religious and non-religious Pinoys would see and perceive Him to be.  While reading the book, the author took me to a place where all people want to go, into the welcoming arms of our Father.  The novel is an awesome depiction of God’s mercy and grace.

Some of the issues the novelist wrote seemed to be true to form, while other more complicated points he wrote were just plain bewildering which compelled me to re-read the paragraphs for me to fully absorb.  What I had to remind myself while reading this book is that it is “fiction” yet something in this book gripped my soul and twisted it in a beautiful way.

It is worth a read by every hungry spirit.

Nakakabusog ng kaluluwa. Promis!

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