I Am Kevin…

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I stumbled upon the website of my favorite American TV series Brothers & Sisters.  I took the personality quiz available in the site to figure out what traits do I possess that is closest among all the characters in the show.  I believe I do possess a little of everyone’s personality in the show  but the result revealed that I am a Kevin of a personality.  According to the quiz, if you’re a Kevin…

“You’re wise, logical and willing to help out everyone who needs you… and yet you still manage to put your needs ahead of everyone else’s.  Boy, that takes skill!  Ever wonder why your former relationships don’t last more than a month or two?  Family and friends understand that you need to stake out your own territory in an ever-growing family of 300, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need support.  Hopefully you have found what you’re looking for.”

Swak na swak.

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