A Relaxed Weekend Novel

5peopleMitch Albom’s The Five People You Meet In Heaven is a light-read novel.  The story may depict tragic episodes in a person’s life but the style of writing is so pleasant and pacified that you would not actually feel the horror of the main character’s experiences.  The book is not preachy but you will be able to understand certain aspects about the dynamics of life.

It is a short-read manuscript that I enjoyed comprehending during a relax weekend.  The storyline will not cause you to experience a cardiovascular workout or even eat most of your fingernails due to the suspense other novels may contain.  But the immense messages it conveyed totally stole the thunder away from my contorted behavior.  If this book was a song it is considered a smooth & easy sound kind of a tune.

The book assures the reader that dying is a normal thing and there is nothing to be terrified about when you expired and gone totally horizontal.  It will in a way advice you about the concept of serendipity, sacrifice and living a simple life may actually mean enormous significance for others.

I was surprised and especially enjoyed the last part because the fifth person the main character met in heaven was a kababayan (a fellow Filipino).  It assured me that there actually is a Pinoy soul in heaven aside from St. Lorenzo Ruiz, the first and only Pinoy saint.

Sino kaya ang limang malas na tao ang makakaharap ko sa heben?

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