Como Agua Para Chocolate – Revisited

The recent long weekend enabled me to read (again) and finish (again) one of my favorite novels.  Like Water For Chocolate authored by Laura Equivel for the second time brought me to the mystical story of Tita.

The style of writing was superb for I can taste, smell, feel and see the characters lives unfold.  The author did a well crafted device of connecting food’s texture, flavors and concoctions being bind together with love, longing and passion in the story.

I particularly liked the unique idea of the main character – being born inside the kitchen – has an unconscious power of transmitting her feelings, passions and emotions that she possess while preparing her exotic dishes to be transmitted and passed on more than double to those who taste it.  The feeling she pours into her cooking affects the people who eat it.

The unusual novel combines a magical romance of true love with mystical angles.  Food lovers as well as romantic readers will definitely relish this book.  It will make you hungry and want to fall in love at the same time.  Besides, this is the only novel that I have read in which the main character died of erotic euphoria.

Ang Tagalog sa “died of erotic euphoria” ay “namatay sa sarap”.

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