Inconvenient Store

“Mindful of the long queue behind you inside a convenience store, your fingers begin to scuttle inside your thin tapered pockets in search for loose change.  But you petered out the cashier’s luck and tell her you’re sorry because you don’t have the demanded coins.  And what you get for breaking the bad news is a bang of the cash register and an irritating frown from the cashier.”

This is what I hate most about convenience stores when you don’t have the exact amount of money for the items you bought and you have no choice but to hand over a large amount of bill.  I am a peaceful human being but when a cashier would give me such a bitchy look, I would just tell myself that she just have a bad hair day or a pathetic sex life.

They are called “convenience stores” for nothing if they unduly inconvenience their customers by making them worry whether a transaction may be closed for lack of smaller denominations.  It is the store’s obligation to accept my payment and give me the right amount of change and not to give me the inconveninece of unearthing nickels and dimes from the portals of my Gucci wallet.

Wala akong barya!

1 thought on “Inconvenient Store

  1. True ka dyan sir… and it is ot our obligation to give their convenience… they should not forget that our convenience and satisfaction of their service is their business. Dabaaah?


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