joeDuring my preschool years, after spending the whole day playing outside our house in Pasay, I would usually fall asleep right on the sofa of our living room.  Under deep snooze due to exhaustion, I would often feel the stubbles of his chin against my forehead and smell the musk that emanates from his chest.  I would lightly be awaken by a firm set of arms that would carry my small frail body to where I am really supposed to spend the rest of the night.  Upon gaining slight consciousness from the process of picking me up from the sofa and carrying me into his strong arms and shoulders, I would go back to a calm state of sleep knowing that he is around to watch over, shelter and care for me for the rest of his life.

The man I’m talking about is Tatay Joe.  He died years ago and is no longer around for me to kiss him on his forehead and greet him personally a very warm Happy Father’s Day.

Tatay Joe is no longer physically around, but I’m pretty sure he is watching and protecting me in this life’s adventures.  God knows how much I miss my father…

hapi pader’s dey tatay!

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