Thonz: A World Class Bartender

thonz2Thonz Viola, the 2009 top-3 national bartending champion I wrote about a couple of blog-posts ago gave the ultimate pride and honor to the whole nation.  He was judged as the Grand Prize Winner in the recently concluded 2009 ASEAN Bartending Competition held last June 19 in World Trade Center.

He impressed the judges as he twirled bottles and glasses to a thumping beat with precision and high level of difficulty.  Thonz buzzlewumped 11 other finalists (from Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and the Philippines) during the contest.  People in the audience can’t help but clap and cheer to the high energy flipping, tossing and pouring of drinks as accurately performed by Thonz.

During the international cocktail mixology portion of the contest, Thonz perfectly mixed, prepared and presented the cocktail he randomly picked from a fish bowl.  International cocktail mixology portion is considered the thorniest part of the competition because you will have to master a long list of international cocktails in terms of recipes and preparation procedures.

Of course me and workmates were stunned with his performance and were glad to take pleasure in witnessing Thonz’ winning moment.  It’s an explosive series of flips!  A well choreographed routine mixed with stunning charm and startling umpf!  Truly, a world class performance…

Considered as the sweet icing on a winning cake, Thonz appeared in ASAP 2009 (a top-rating local Sunday noontime party tv show) and perform in the program’s big opening number.  He along with three other great Pinoy bartenders were introduced in the show as world class bartenders.

Hanep ang lolo mo!

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