Nengkoy’s Wedding Gown

Women would usually pass over or hand down their wedding gown to a next generation relative who is due to tie the knot.  Others would reuse the fabric to be sewn into a smaller dress for their daughter’s Christening or First Holy Communion.  Others would cut the fabric into pieces and use it to ornate or design the frame of their most handsome wedding picture.  Others would just keep it as a memorabilia of their most remarkable day of their life.  Others would burn it especially when their married life was a big hell of a mistake.

Have you ever wondered where and what happened to your mother’s wedding gown?  I do!

Exactly 47 years ago, Nengkoy wore her beautiful white gown to tie the knot and formally express her love for Joe.  June 9, 1962 was the day when my parents vowed to journey through life no matter how perilous it may become.

Years later Nengkoy’s wedding gown – that was especially designed and sewn for her by her elder sister Lidya – was recycled after it has been kept in a plastic bag collecting dusts.  I remember when I was still small when Nengkoy decided to pull it out of the cabinet and turn it into something useful for her children – including me of course.  Lola Teray (my elegant grandmother) was the one who sew and transformed the gown into tiny sleeping attires for me and my siblings.  My share of the gown was a little satin boxer shorts.

The gown may be a proof to the bonding of Nengkoy and Joe but this outfit cannot in anyway represent the love that existed between them.  The satin sleeping attires me and my sibs had from the beautiful gown has eventually worn out.  I have outgrown the size of the tiny satin shorts but the recycling of the gown’s fabric is in no way a representation that Nengkoy just threw away the years of meaningful union.  It was her children who benefited from such decision.  The fabric kept us warm and comfortable on those nights when we wore them – which may be a meaningful depiction that I and my sibs were carefully kept from the dark and cold hazards of life.

Hapi Anibersari kay Nengkoy at Joe!

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