Lord Give Me A Lover (A Repost)

I was glad to have my blog transferred to WordPress.com.  However, there are few blog posts that did not seem to appear and transfer in this new blog location.  One of which is my 2009 pre-valentine post entitled: Lord Give Me A Lover.  I so enjoy writing and reading this article (which I wrote last February 3, 2009) that is why I am re-posting it here today…


dariaWhile having lunch with an officemate, 2 of our operations guy came to join us.  The one was greeted by the server with a big smile complimenting what he was wearing, barking that he looks like a celebrity.  When I asked who the celebrity he was talking about, the server blurted the name of George Estregan – a Pinoy actor of circa ’70s known as the King of Bomba Films.

That’s when I suddenly remembered and excitedly told my colleagues that Estregan starred in a ’70s movie entitled Lord Give Me A Lover.  It was so odd that the other operations guy who grew up in the ’70s remembered the film.  We exclaimed in synchronized manner that it was the launching movie of the then sexy star Daria Ramirez!

Like a scar in my brain, I can still remember the gist of the story, i.e., Daria had difficulty finding a boyfriend because her parents were psychiatric cases and her seemingly last hope was a doctor-suitor played by Estregan.  I knew that Estregan played a doctor in the movie (even without saying that he was) because he was always in white jacket with matching stethoscope  wrapped around his neck.  When I was a kid watching the film on afternoon TV movie, I actually got confused if Estregan was also a mental case because the stethoscope never escaped his neck.

The most dramatic (or the most hilarious, if I may say so) scene in the film was when Daria who was about to introduce Estregan to her parents, she found her mom and dad having bouts of insanity atop the roof of their house.  Out of despair she blurted the words… “Lord Give Me A Lover!”

Ang artikulong ito ay para sa mga walang balentayms.

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