Mighty Womanoids

Power is defined as the ability to act or produce an effect.  It is the possession of control, authority, or influence over others.  It is a physical, mental or moral efficacy.  Recently, Forbes Magazine published Angelina Jolie as the most powerful woman celebrity on earth.  She may have earned heaps of money from the past 12 months but I will never be controlled and lift a lame finger in case she would ask me to do something.  Never will this ham of a celebrity have enough power to affect me.

Since we are in the subject of power, the ladies I consider mightiest for the past twelve months who actually moved my universe and produced physical, mental and moral effects (good or bad) on my being are as follows:

  • Virgin Mary:  She continues to be mighty even if she has lived more than two thousand years ago.  She’s the divine lady I would pray to and ask guidance every time my life experiences are crumbling.  I am a flawed and reckless disciple.
  • Nengkoy:  For obvious reasons, I would not be around without her.  I owe everything to this innocuous woman.  I am her loving son.
  • Madonna:  I could no longer quantify how much time and wealth I have spent in trying to be updated about her.  I am a fan at nuclear intensity.
  • Cristy Fermin & Lolit Solis:  They are the parasitic Perez- Hilton-like figures of Philippine showbiz.  These two thorny ladies simply annoy me.  They are so powerful I go on full metal ballistic rage every time I see them on tv.  I am their scornful senseless adversary.
  • LCA and MDP:  These two deities are my big bosses in my office.  They make me worthy.  I owe the regular monthly earnings I receive which keeps my insane needs achievable.  I am their twisted humble servant.

‘Yan ang lakas ng bebot. Kakatakot!

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