Nate Berkus… I need your help!

Last Saturday, after their morning badminton game my mom with my 2 sisters suddenly appear in front of my apartment unit doing a surprise visit.  These three ladies did nothing but criticize the way my unit looks, how messed up my room was, and how ugly the whole apartment has been!

Nateberkus One big wish that I have is for Nate Berkus to make-over my apartment unit for free!  That would be the coolest!  It’s free to dream right? So might as well go for the big shot!

Nateberkus2 For those who don’t know Nate Berkus, he is the house and interior designer who frequents the Oprah Show everytime Oprah features a house that needs make-over.  His work were the coolest and super superb!!!  I loved what he did with Eva Longoria’s parents home, Jerry O’Connell’s bachelor pad, Kristie Alley’s mansion and the make-over of the ugliest room in America.

I guess I should start writing Oprah on this matter…

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