harder life now…?

Poor_3 It makes me wonder… TV interviews of typical and average Pinoys on the street when asked if life is harder today than a couple of years ago would state and say that definitiely life is harder now.

This same Pinoy answer to the same question has been going on ever since TV has been created.

However, if you will think harder, a couple of years ago not all or very few Pinoys own a mobile phone.  This item no matter how helpful it is, is not a basic need compared to food and shelter.  And yet, typical Pinoys own it.  Even the peanut vendor at J. Bocobo corner Orosa in Malate owns a cellphone.

Last month I went to a barber shop in one of the malls in Manila for a haircut.  While my hair was being fixed, I overheard the barbers asking each other on who won the past night’s ‘pusoy dos’  (a pinoy poker card game).  Amazingly, everyone answered they lost!  Everyone laughed when they knew that no one won. One barber say, "ibig nyo sabihin walang nanalo? nasan ang pera? aba’y magic!" ("you mean no one won? where’s the money? that’s magic!")

This barbers’ conversation is soooo Pinoy!  No one wants to present self as someone with better stand in life or at least being positive.

It’s like the sickening TV interviews of typical Pinoys when asked if they were living better now than the past year…

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