My Appelations

Neil is my first name.  Neil is an Irish name which means champion.  This name was given to me by my parents as based on the name of the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong.  Though almost a year has passed he was a big hit around the world during that time.

Romasanta is my middle name.  This name means a saint from Rome or of Rome.  Romasantas in the Philippines came from Nasugbu, Batangas.

Langit is my surname.  This is a Malay term meaning door of heaven but the Tagalog/Filipino meaning is heaven or the House of God.

When my father was still alive, I got the chance to talk to him and Nengkoy on what could have been my name if I was born a girl.  They told me that my name could have been Gloria.  They told me that it coulde have been based on the name of Gloria Diaz who won the Ms. Universe pageant a year before I was born.

It has been a tradition that if you want to know your porn star name, you need to put together the name of your first pet plus the name of the street where you lived during childhood.  When I was around 9 or 10 years old, I had a pure white dog and our family named her Farrah (after Farrah Fawcet, the sexy bombshell in Charlie’s Angels TV show).  I grew up at J. Fernando Street in Pasay City.  Therefore, my pornstar name if ever, will be Farrah Fernando – it sounds like a true-blue boldstar!

I had a teacher in high school who called me Niel (pronounced: Niyel).  She was my teacher in Filipino who gave me 79 as a grade during the first grading period of my 3rd year in high school.  I still remember her (but not her name though) because that grade caused me not be included in the honor roll during my high school graduation.  I don’t know for what reason why she had difficulty pronouncing my name properly.  Maybe it’s because she is a Filipino subject teacher and my name is so English.

At present, there are some friends of mine who would call me HR.  These dear friends are former co-employees in the hotel industry.  They call me HR because I was the head of the human resources department of the hotel we were working at.  Also at present, there are some friends and officemates who would call me Delicious.  The reason is because everytime they would ask if how I am, I would always respond with great pleasure and pride saying, "Eto, delicious pa rin…" (Here okay, still delicious…)

What about Nengkoy? How does she call me during my childhood days?  I guess every mother has their own name-call or exclusive way of calling their child.  I have a friend whose name is Robert who told me that his mother calls him Bambino.  I have another friend whose name is PJ but his mother calls him Pidyong.  Like me, they claim that only their mothers call them that way.  What about Nengkoy? Well… she calls me ‘Baduday‘.

To end this not so sensible writing, let me put some meaning and feeling to it then.  Names are tags that people assigns to another individual that will forever be associated to his/her totality of personality.  Furthermore, names may it be holy-based, stinky-sounding, too common or too rare can actually be a general suggestive way to live a life since you are identified with such appelation every single time people calls you. 

Lucky me my name is Neil meaning champion… with a heavenly surname!

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