Thank God… Superman is back!

Superman3_2 My favorite superhero is back! The new generation will finally experience the greatness, charm and power of my favorite superhero.  I can still remember those childhood days when I was able to watch Superman in the big screen (starring Christopher Reeves).  The movie house was jampacked, I remember I sat on the floor aisle to get a good view of the movie.  I was so amazed and startled on how he came about and how he saved the whole world. 

Superman is my favorite hero because he is not a human being.  He is a creation outside of this world.  He is unlike other superheroes who are human beings who gained power because of mutation or a freaky circumstance of nature.  Another reason why he is my favorite is because he is so cleanly cut and doesn’t wear a mask.  Kids and old alike will definitely feel at ease when they would be face-to-faced with him.  Unlike other superheroes with masks or gross physical abnormality that kids usually get scared of (e.g. X-Men heroes with freaky hairstyles; Aquaman with webbed hands and toes; Batman with his dark robe/costume and horn-like pointed ears).

Superman2 Superman has the charm.  I’m sure with his saliva-dripping looks and wholesome appeal all mothers would want their daughter to marry him!  He definitely is a one-woman-man.

  1. The most amazing scene that will forever be tattooed in my mind was his ability to turn back the time by rotating the earth backward!  He need not require a brilliant mind to create a time machine to do this.  He did this with his physical power and full emotional impetus when he found out that the love of his life Lois Lane died.  For him to revive her from death, he flew the fastest way he can around the world on infinite number of times going against the Earth’s normal revolution.

Now that he’s back, I’m sure the world will be a better place to live in.  And now that I’m an adult, I will definitely queue on line again to watch this movie and live the experienceI had in 1978.  Even if there are no seats available I will be willing to sit on the floor aisle.

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