doña aguida vs. doña menang…the movie!

When I was still a child, I would spend my late afternoons in the house of my Lola Teray (Nengkoy’s mom).  I can still remember when I would watch with Lola Teray on her black & white TV the soap operas ‘Flor De Luna’ (starring Janice De Belen) and ‘Gulong ng Palad’ (starring Marianne Dela Riva as Luisa).

The villains in these tearjerking and heart wrenching shows are Doña Aguida (for Flor De Luna) and Doña Menang (for Gulong ng Palad).

Doña Aguida is the wicked and merciless step-grandmom of Flor De Luna.  She is the mother of another villain in the show named Jo (but not as bitchy as Aguida, of course).  On the other hand, Doña Menang is the evil and ruthless mother-in-law of Luisa.  She is the mother of Carding, Luisa’s backbone-less husband.

I grew up fearing these two ambitious, hardnosed and pitiless doñas.  Their mere sneer and looks will make you run under your mom’s skirt.  And when they start speaking with curses like "Punyeta Ka!", you would wish the earth will open up and eat you for a while and spit you out when they would walk away.

These two of the greatest villains of Pinoy TV were out to ruin the lives of the main characters.  They actually added flavor, zest and color to the helpless "bidas".

I just wish a movie will be made featuring the cruelty and nastiness of these two doñas outdoing each other.  I wonder who would win… But one thing is for sure, that movie will be a great big hit!

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