Dirty Nun… anyone?

Me as a person is not very religious.  Maybe that is why I do not have a close friend who is a priest, a pastor, a religious preacher or a nun. 

I have always been fascinated with nuns.  When I was young (even until now), I always perceive them to be so beautiful (not on a sexy way though) and so clean.  I always wonder how these ladies can keep themselves so fresh and unsoiled all day long.  I actually have yet to see a dirty nun.  I have seen them walk the street – rally wise or not – and yet they can keep their cool disposition and tidiness even under the heat of a scorching sun and dusty air of the metropolis.

In my whole life, I just had two nun teachers.  One was during grade school days, a missionary nun who would teach the virtues of the Catholic religion during homeroom subject – too bad I forgot her name.  The other was in college who taught me all my Theology subjects, her name is Sister Fermina.  Too bad during those times, I was too afraid to ask these two ladies how can they keep themselves so neat.

I guess a lot of people will answer this question by saying… “Maybe it is because the cleanliness of their spirit and peacefulness of their minds radiates to their physical being”.

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