A Painting In My Wallet

creditcardI am not a gung ho collector of any thing but my new credit card is considered a collectible kind of plastic money due to its unique design.  It’s unlike the conventional credit card whose designs and motif can be considered stiffly cold, snobbishly artificial and harshly dogmatic.  The artwork lodged entirely on the card is chic, suave and liberal.

Moreoever, this affinity card is considered a lifestyle card in which perks and benefits can be availed at all mouthwatering LJC restaurants (considered to be a top-class type of dining venue in Metro Manila).  Thus, possessing one is like being part of the hip and savy gliteratti crowd of the metropolis.  This is on top of the regular rewards program given by other mainstream credit cards.

paintingI actually got the rare opportunity to have a photo with the painting where the design of the credit card was based.  The painting can be found in Lorenzo’s Way restaurant wall.  The painting was done by E. Aguilar Cruz fittingly entitled Cafe Scene.  I’m sure this plastic money will be a rare collectible type in the future.

Sosyal… Komersyal ba ito?

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