Sexy & Romantic Portuguese

There will come a point in our lives that we would fall in love with a song in which the lyrics are written in a foreign language not familiar to us.  I have been feeling this for the past weeks.  I have fallen in love not with one but with three songs.  And what is so consistent with these songs is that these are all sang in Portuguese language.

There must be something special in the Portuguese language when sung.  I don’t understand a single word of Portuguese but the emotion and sentiment of this language evokes something special.  It’s romantic, it’s amorous, it’s passionate!

The expressive phonology, the sensual structure of words, the voluptuous syntaxes and the almost nostalgic vowels accentuates the feelings of passion and romance.  Apaixono, cafune and saudade are examples of quixotic-ly structured kind of Portuguese words!  People say that the unrestrictive airflow of spoken Portuguese words makes it ideal for singing songs of love and longing.  Maybe these are the reasons why I easily fell in love with the following songs…

  • My nephew Luis was dancing to this tune the first time he heard it.  Efemera by Tulipa

  • I first heard this song in a superb Brazilian movie. Vagalumes Cegos by Cicero

  • The 2017 Eurovision winner from Portugal. Amar Pelos Dois by Salvador Sobral

These are the only foreign language songs in my Spotify playlist.  Some say its French, others say its Spanish, but for me Portuguese is the sexiest and most romantic language on the planet. Obrigado!

Bakit kasi walang letrang X sa wikang Pinoy? Ayan tuloy di tayo kaseksihan.

Cool Cello Sound: Start A War Cover By Dom La Nena

Aside from learning how to ride a bicycle, my other childhood frustration was learning to play a musical instrument.  If I be given a choice the two musical instruments that I would love to learn would be the piano and the cello.

Though it’s impossible to carry around, I chose the piano, because of its versatility.  For me it’s the all around instrument.  There have been a lot of magnificent songs and great musical masterpieces that were composed using the piano.

On the other hand, I chose the cello not for anything else but its aesthetics.  Since I am more of a visual person, I like the cello because it looks so classy and sophisticated.  However, I actually have yet to know a hit song or music that originated from exclusively using the sound of the cello.

dom la nena... i am envious of the her musical gift  (photo grabbed from

dom la nena with her cello…  (photo grabbed from

If I know how to play the cello, I would definitely be playing this song…

Oo na. Wala akong talent.