I Survived the EK Extreme Challenge

Call it foolish or ironic, but it was actually my first time to the premier theme park in my own country, the Philippines.  I have been to a lot of modern theme parks abroad but never did I had the chance to be in Enchanted Kingdom.

where fun begins!

where fun begins!

I always thought that Enchanted Kingdom was nothing but kiddy stuff.  I thought it was not like the dynamic Universal Studios that would also cater to adults.  But what I did and experienced last Sunday was far from a kiddy adventure.  It was an adrenaline-charged exploit.

As soon as I and my friends (Ludette, Beth, Red and JB) entered the square, we challenged ourselves to venture into the most extreme highlights of the park.  We skipped the other rides which we consider weak and anemic.  We settled to take the 4 most treacherous rides!  We started with the least tormenting (among the four) and capped the day with the most terrifying.

The Anchors Away (Pendulum Ride); Disk-O-Magic (Spinning Pendulum Ride); EKstreme (Tower Drop); Space Shuttle (Roller Coaster)


reaction: a mix of fear and fun


level up with disk-o-magic ride

level up with disk-o-magic ride with red and dette


extreme drop!!!

extreme drop with jb, beth and dette!!!

adrenaline rush infested ride!

adrenaline rush infested ride!

These fun rides may not be at par in terms of the extreme kick in adrenaline as compared to the newest and most intense state-of-the-art thrill rides found abroad.  But what add up to the uniqueness of these rides are the added edgy hazards and dangers of riding it.

EK extreme thrill rides are like waging your life to chance.  It is because EK is a 19 year old theme park that looks rundown and under maintained.  Taking those old thrilling rides is basically like a death defying stunt.

I suppose inhabitants of first world countries and modern thrill-ride enthusiasts would not even dare take those rickety rides due to safety issues and out-dated mechanical concerns.  This maybe the reason why I only saw a couple of foreign tourists inside the square (one Korean and two Caucasian dudes who were tagged along by their Filipina girlfriends).

Don’t get me wrong though, because I totally enjoyed my first Enchanted Kingdom adventure!  It was one rare feat!!!

Yoohoo! Masayang kanerbyos!

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