Whipped By A One-Eyed Monster

One of the luxuries which I would really like to do is travel.  It simply brings a different level of joy and happiness.  The experience is definitely an intangible that no one can rob or steal away from you.   That is why when I saw this video via Stumbleupon.com, it felt like my body was being smashed and my spirit was being whipped by a one-eyed monster called ‘envy’.

How I wish I have the loads of opportunity and the luxury of time to do all those stuff that this guy has done and experienced. I’m pretty sure his soul is so full to the brim.

And since travelling entails plump amount of dough, as a retaliation to this one-eyed monster, I simply settled with the thought that ‘if the grass is greener at the other side of the fence, you can bet their water bill is higher’

Balang araw… balang araw…

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