Applause for Nick the Gardener

bill reilich also know as nick the gardener

bill reilich also know as nick the gardener

I know how much it takes to achieve a hot gorgeous body.  It doesn’t only take few exercises and a good set of genes.  It takes a lot of physical workouts, a pretty good knowledge about concepts of human musculature and isometrics, good knowhow about nutrition and of course loads and loads of time, sacrifices and attitude.  And once you achieved your goal you must not stop.  It again takes loads of what I just enumerated to maintain it.

That is why I praise and applause all those human beings who were able to achieve their physical goal and successfully maintains it.

Just like Nick the Gardener.  Here’s an enjoyable clip when powerful Ellen pushed for Nick to be included in a Hollywood movie.

I have not seen the movie Magic Mike.  But after that, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he got at least a small part in the movie.  And because of this, it looks like there will be a pretty good chance that I will be watching the sequel.

Nick the Gardener must have worked so hard to achieve that.  Good for him!

klap! klap! klap!

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