Kuya Wreigh was the one responsible how I first learned about the Eraserheads.  I remember him bringing the band’s first album ultraelectromagneticpop in cassette format borrowed from his college classmate.  These were the days when CD was not yet invented or still considered rare and high-tech.

When Kuya played it in our massive cassette player (with built-in 3-inch tv) I initially didn’t liked it.  It was like noisy dudes playing their hearts out in a recording studio.  However, after a couple of times listening to it, the songs in the album was like enchanting chameleon in which the beat naturally grew in me.  Their lyrics were very contemporary which a typical youth like me uses during those times.  Also, the message they convey smacks right into my generation’s psyche.

I was unaware that I so loved the Eraserheads that I was able to buy each of the cassette they released in the market.  More than 10 years later, here comes Kuki and Matet giving me (as a birthday present) a CD audio copy of Eraserhead’s reunion concert held a couple of months ago.  By the way, the eventful concert was cut short hen the lead singer Ely Buendia suffered from a mild heart ailment/condition due to fatigue.

When I played and listened to the reunion concert, I unexpectedly realized that I missed a very big event, an affair that signified my being youth.  I knew I let pass a momentous event when I heard people in the audience stridently singing along while the bands were playing.  It made me envy.

I was literally teary eyed when the song “With A Smile” was played.  This song was revived by a lot of singers but the band’s  original version was very special.  Hook line and sinker Ely’s timbre and tone truly fits the genuine sentiment of the song.  The emotion for each of the line he utters and every tremble in his throat indisputably exhibits what the song conveys.  What added to the lump in my throat was hearing the audience emotionally singing along.  It was such a goose bumper!

Eraserheads definitely added some spice in my youth.  Now, I promised myself that in the event they will redo their cut-short concert I will make myself present in the affair.  No matter what it takes!

Salamat sa mga Pamburang Ulo! Yu rak!

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