Purchased A Piece of Philippine Pop Rock Music History

I don’t remember when was the last time I purchased a magazine or a CD for myself.  This is because these items are slowly waning and fading away from the realms of present humanity.  These are soon to be extinct.

This is due to the ever growing popularity of the reliable internet where everything that everybody seem to need is available.  Today’s magazines are already easily available online in the form of blogs, e-zines or webzines.   While songs can easily be purchased and downloaded via iTunes, Amazon MP3 or Google Music.

But last Sunday, I know that I just got to have these soon-to-be-inexistent stuffs.  However, with such a purchase, I have yet to establish if I purchased a magazine with free CD or if I purchased a CD with free magazine.  Whichever freakin’ way you may want to put it, one thing is for sure, I have with me a cool piece of Philippine pop rock history.

a soon-to-be-precious-collectible

a soon-to-be-precious-collectible

I’m pretty sure this magazine with enclosed complimentary CD or a CD contained inside a free of charge magazine will – in a couple of decades – be considered a valuable collectible.  This is because these incorporated items enfolds the reemergence of one of the greatest Filipino bands of this country, the Eraserheads.

CD containing "Sabado" and "1995", the two news songs of eraserheads

CD containing “Sabado” and “1995”, the two new songs of eraserheads

a very interesting read

a very interesting read

As a proof that I am breathing fanatic, here’s a six year old post I wrote in the past.  Press this link: ERASERHEADS


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