What I Will Bring At Les Miserables Movie-Musical

When watching a well anticipated movie, people would usually bring either a bag of popcorn or chips with a super-sized tumbler of soda.  Some would make sure to bring a hankie especially when they expect to cry over a tragic story. While others would bring or don themselves with costumes of their favorite cartoon character or action hero of the movie they are to watch.

But when the Cameron Mackintosh movie-musical Les Miserables will be shown here in the Philippines, I won’t bring a bag of popcorn, a can of soda, a handkerchief neither would I wear a 19th century inspired French hat or dress up to look like Jean Valjean.  Instead, I would bring a duct tape.

I would bring a duct tape to fasten it on my mouth to keep me from singing on the top of my lungs the lines of the popular songs of this global musical sensation.

Too bad the movie can only be shown in the Philippines after the Christmas Season.  No thanks to the Metro Manila Filmfest.

Super eksayted! Kent weyt por dis mubi!

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