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Theory in quantum mechanics has mathematically proven that an alternate universe subsists.  That similar us’s actually exists in those universes.  And if I would be given the choice, I would still want my mother to be my mother in that alternate universe.  Nengkoy no doubt has been such an awesome mother and she has turned 80 years old last March 3.

I was too happy to write a blog then.  And now that the elation has receded a bit, let me blow a shower of kisses and greet an awesome Happy Birthday to Nengkoy!


Happy Birthday Nanay! #nengkoy #80 #birthday

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Hapi Bertdey Nanay!


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One usual and inevitable question you’ll receive in case you would have a session with a psychiatrist is, “When growing up, who do you think loved you unconditionally?

I would have an easy answer to this question.  That would simply be the person whose birthday is today!  Happy Birthday Nengkoy!

Thanks for always being a part of my colorful circus.  I wish that you would continue to bring sunshine and delight to all the people around you… Love you so much!

still cool at 79

still cool at 79

Hapi Berthdey… mula sa pinaka-masarap mong anak!

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my dear sister on a fine powdery snow...

my dear sister on a fine powdery snow…

Me and my elder sister Gaying believes that there is a direct and positive correlation between the way a person looks and the number of flyers that person receives every time he or she is in a mall.  We believe the more affluent-looking or rich-looking you are, the more flyers will be handed to you by Flyer Ladies and Flysheet Dudes inside a mall.

That is why when I and my elder sister Gaying would be together inside a mall for some shopping, we have some sort of a small competition.  We would tally how many flyers would be handed over to each of us.  The person who receives the most number of flyers at the end of shopping wins.

Scoring would actually depend on the type of flyer given to us.  If the flyer would be about a luxury car, a posh condo unit or a high-born club membership that would mean high points.  But if the flyer is about a missing pet, a launching of a new soy sauce brand or would be about a dishwashing liquid that would definitely trigger hilarious pang-aapi (verbal oppression) and riotous heckling towards the person who received it.

me and ate gaying love osaka!

me and ate gaying love osaka!

And since it’s my Ate Gaying’s birthday today and though we did not go shopping today, let me concede and declare that today even without any flyer (just for today though) that she looks richer and more high-heeled than I am.

Sige dahil bertday mo, mas mukha kang mayaman ngayong araw kesa sa kin. Happy Birthday Ate!

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World peace, good health for Nengkoy and the return of genuine happy smiles from all people severely affected by super typhoon Haiyan are my unselfish wishes for my upcoming birthday.

In terms of worldly materialistic birthday wishes, aside from ten million bucks, the following easy on the pocket tangibles would definitely make my birthday settle in high spirits:

a Book…

morrissey autobiography

i’m pretty sure this autobiography would be an interesting read

a CD…

with or without autograph, i would love to have this

with or without autograph, i would looove to have this

and an MP3 Player …

i prefer the yellow color... this would be nice to carry in my pocket while killing myself on a threadmill

i prefer the yellow color… its as small as a five peso coin. this would be nice to carry in my pocket while on a thread mill

 Wans a yir lang ang bertday! Kaya damihan na ang wishes…


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I had a blast when I celebrated my birthday.  As a gift for myself, I slept the whole morning, purchased a couple of books to read for the next few nights and had a relaxing massage.  Later in the day I had dinner buffet with my family at Yanagi Japanese Restaurant at Midas Hotel.

yanagi at the mezz of midas hotel

While having our dinner, I received the best gifts for my birthday.  One came from my younger sister and zany nephews, i.e. a Sponge Bob printed boxer briefs in which the box where it is contained seems more expensive than the actual gift.  Another is the sumptuous blowout dinner buffet paid for by my elder sister in which I was surprised because the waiters of the Japanese restaurant gave me a candle-lit cake and sang me a birthday song in the tune of One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful.

my birthday cake

Lastly of course was the gift given by Nengkoy.  A personalized printed shirt that bears the usual question I would often utter to my nieces and nephews whenever they would show me something that they have done – “Is That Your Best?”  Let me post some other time why I got to terms with this line of questioning.

nengkoy’s gift

nengkoy and me

By the way let me thank all the beautiful souls who greeted me on my birthday.  Let me post in this blog the jokey note I have written on my Facebook page as my expression of gratitude…

Let me express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who greeted me a Happy Birthday today.  Each greeting really meant a lot to me and absolutely made my day.  How thoughtful, how Goldilocks!

Because of your greetings, I feel like Purefoods Fiesta Ham, the Star of the Noche Buena Feast!  Because you remembered I’m like KFC, finger lickin’ good!  Para kayong Vick’s Vapo Rub, may haplos ng pagmamahal.

Now that my birthday is ending, my personal mood is like Lactum, 100% Panatag.  Tomorrow for sure would be like Meralco… May Liwanag Ang Buhay… xoxo


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This is old news, but according to Colin Birss, a British high-court judge, Samsung devices “do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design”.  He said that Samsung is “not as cool”.  This court decision refused Apple to be granted an order for an injunction against importing Samsung devices into the United Kingdom and the whole European Union nations.

I guess for all its worth I do agree with Judge Birss that Samsung is not cool enough.  Samsung for me is not cool because it is actually blazing hot!  As in H.O.T.!!!

This is especially true with Samsung Galaxy Note II.  It is an extraordinary phone with hot personality. It is a charming device in a slightly larger-than-life kind of way.  Because of this, I made Samsung Galaxy Note II as an early birthday gift to my equally hot self.

my new phone

Now that I am discovering the awesome features of my new phone, I can conclude that Samsung’s claim for innovation has been solidified.  Some even believe that Samsung Galaxy Note II is Apple’s IPhone 10 in the future.

For more recent news, in compliance to the same court order Apple initially published a snarky and sarcastic apology to Samsung as if saying, “Samsung is dim-witted and we are the coolest”.  This resulted for Apple to be reprimanded by the same British court and was told to fix their apology.  On October 25, 2012, Apple published a revised yet still dry apology to Samsung.  For me, this juvenile impulse and unsophisticated actuations of Apple is neither cool nor hot.  I call it “bitter”.


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Nengkoy wished that her 75th birthday be held and celebrated in the vast coconut plantation estate that was converted into a tourist destination located south of Metro Manila.  True enough, her wish was made into a reality when Nengkoy, twenty seven crazy members of my family and I trooped to Villa Escudero Plantation & Resort on her birthday.

Every member of my family was treated with a 2-day glimpse of a typical life of rural Philippines.  Upon arrival we were served with refreshing “gulaman” as a welcome drink.  After which, the whole pack were led to the magnificent museum that houses the marvelous antique and unique collections of the Escuderos.  There were all forms of Catholic statues and statuettes.  We saw an overwhelming array of Filipino costumes, jars, vases, indigenous forest hunting gears, stuffed Pinoy-once-endemic fauna and other eclectic treasures made, found and discovered in the Philippines.  I was particularly was astonished by the collection of authentic handwritten letters of Philippines’ National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal displayed in that marvelous museum.

facade of the museum

After feasting our eyes to the overwhelming collections found in the museum, we were then taken for a ride on a carabao-drawn cart for a tour around the vast resort.  Seated at the end of the cart were two resort staffs in traditional Filipino clothes.  One played the guitar while the other sang traditional Filipino songs while the cart was being drawn to lead us to checked-in at our respective nipa-like villas built right at the edge of a serene lake.  The villas were reminiscent of a traditional Filipino house called “Bahay Kubo”.

my monster "pamangkins" on their carabao caravan ride


We then immediately proceeded to one of the highlights of our stay.  The scrumptious buffet lunch served and eaten al fresco style few meters away from the base of a waterfall.  Still typical of a Filipino dining set-up, we ate on native bamboo-craft-woven plates with banana leaf as its lining and our soup bowls were coconut shells!  Breakable chinaware was non-existent!  Flowing water on the ground touching and lashing our feet add up to the delicious dining experience.

An hour after lunch, we then headed to one of the resort’s pavilions where a Filipino cultural dance display is being held.  The show featured various ethnic and colonially influenced Filipino dances performed by the employees of the resort.  The costumes, the music, the colors, the graceful dance moves were all but a rewarding add-on during our stay in Villa Escudero.

a piece of a young coconut palm leaf weaved to form like a fish handed to me by one of the dancers

After the show, we proceeded to our assigned villa for a short afternoon rest.  The villa is not equipped with TV, sound system and not even an internet.  All you got is the refreshingly beautiful scenery of what the old Philippines were plus the melodious sound of birds lurking around the area.

Later in the afternoon, majority of us lined up to get our respective paddles plus a life vest for we did a little of rowing at the pristine lake using an old-fashioned kayak in the form of a bamboo raft.  While we do the rowing, other members of the family were busy trying to catch live fish from the lake or just busy lazing around.  In the same afternoon, a number of employees of the resort serenaded Nengkoy at the villa singing a couple of Kundiman songs plus of course the classic birthday song in Tagalog version.

erika and the band!!!

Dinner buffet was served inside an elegant pavilion.  This is the moment when Nengkoy was greeted by the singers performing during dinner time and was surprised when a birthday cake was brought to her table for her to make a wish and blow the candle.  After which, the rest of the night was spent bonding and chitchatting before everybody hit the sack with smiles on our faces.

nengkoy about to blow her birthday cake candle

Our stay and adventure in Villa Escudero to celebrate Nengkoy’s 75th birthday is no doubt one of my family’s memorable experiences!  I actually don’t know how to end this writing.  But one thing is for sure Villa Escudero is one authentic representation of Filipino pride, culture and extravaganza.

It made me want to dance the Tinikling as sang by the 50’s circa Pinay diva, Sylvia La Torre…

Nais kong umindak sa saya…

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Nengkoy is the nickname of my mom during her pre-school years. Her parents and relatives call her ‘Ang Neneng Ko’. With her pretty charm and appeal, she was usually called in a melodic way using this lovely phrase. Until it evolved for easier articulation of the phrase, Ang Neneng Ko was shorten to Nengkoy.

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Nengkoy is the nickname of my mom during her pre-school years. Her parents and relatives call her ‘Ang Neneng Ko’. With her pretty charm and appeal, she was usually called in a melodic way using this lovely phrase. Until it evolved for easier articulation of the phrase, Ang Neneng Ko was shorten to Nengkoy.


Nengkoy is the nickname of my mom during her pre-school years. Her parents and relatives call her ‘Ang Neneng Ko’. With her pretty charm and appeal, she was usually called in a melodic way using this lovely phrase. Until it evolved for easier articulation of the phrase, Ang Neneng Ko was shorten to Nengkoy.