Neil Tattoo

It is believed that a tattoo marked on a person’s skin is the owner’s artistic expression about himself/herself.  It further distinguishes a person’s appearance, trait and character other than his or her unique DNA and matchless thumbprints.

If ever having a tattoo on your skin is going to be one key requirement to live a normal a life on this planet (similar to having a “name”) have you ever wondered what design/s are you gonna have printed on your epidermis?

I do.  It would be this….

neil in tamil

This is how my name is written in the ancient language of Tamil.  I intend to have it marked on my left shoulder blade.  And since I for sure cannot tolerate the excruciating pain of tattoo needles nipping my clear, supple and young-looking skin, I will just have it soon printed on a shirt.

Istey kul, bukul…

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