Multo Inspired Collection

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Major Fail.  That is what I can say about the recent Lesley Mobo fashion show (being part of the recent Philippine Fashion Week).  The video’s first frame dated the show October 29, 2013.  This made me confused.  Was the snobbish-looking event held last October 29, 2012 was just a rehearsal?

The first frame also indicates that the designs would be for the 2013 Spring and Summer collection.  I was expecting for a more upbeat background music to be used in the show since spring and summer seasons usually brings a more festive and cheery mood.  Instead, music used was a chilly dirge-like sound.  The music used made me expect that anytime in between gaiting models, a dead soul would appear and would scream at the top of its lungs to scare off the wits of the audience.

This was the first fashion show that I have seen that the catwalk was not in the hub and midpoint of the venue.  The models were made to walk on a stage and along the borders of the venue.  It felt like the event’s highlight was the classy candle-lit dinner while the actual fashion show was just a prying disturbance.

The event was held last October 29, two nights before the Halloween.  The designs in the collection were indeed multo-inspired (ghost inspired).  The show’s title should have been “Kaluluwa Ni Morticia: Babaing Itim, Babaing Puti”.  Those designs were nothing but Halloween-y.  Not in a fun Halloween sense but in a more creepy terrifying angle.  Those designs had nothing to do with either the colorful spring or the joyful summer.  Those audiences who graced the show for sure now know what it feels like dining inside the house of the Addams Family.

It was too over-thought to the point of being pretentious.  It’s no longer stylish or classy.

Hindi kasi ako inbayted.

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