Panghilod Movie Scene

You will look for a lover who is sexier and better looking than your ‘ex’ so that next time you bump into each other you can proudly hang yourself to the shoulders of your new partner.  However, you wouldn’t know if you would laugh or cry or be angered because the new significant other of your ‘ex’ is flabby and hideous. 

Then you will run unto the rain and when you enter your house drenched, you will go straight to your shower.  You slowly slide onto the bathroom tiles while scouring your skin with a stone-body-scrubber.  While intensely shedding buckets of tears and significant amount of epidermal membrane because of scrubbing, you deliriously utter the words “Ang dumi-dumi koooh… Ang dumi-dumi koooh…” (I’m so dirty… I’m so dirty…)

For sure using stone-body-scrubber (otherwise known as ‘batong panghilod’) usually found on stony sea shores will be more notably dramatic than using loofah, squished nylon net, plastic body brush with handle or face towel.

Hahaha! Wala lang.  Trip lang!

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