A Retail Therapy in Hong Kong

Shopping in Hong Kong is a must!  This is especially true this particular season because it is a screaming half-the-price season now.  Armed with my stupendous haggling powers, I personally got the chance to do a little retail therapy (shopping) in this former English territory last weekend.

 My personal experience can be considered an epiphany since it confirmed that Hong Kong is one of the best shopping Mecca in the planet.   In Hong Kong, you will be besieged with signs saying “50% off”;  “Sale Only for Today”;  “Sale Happens Only Once A Year!” or “Removal Sale”.  This is not only because of the unpretentious prices but also of the efficient sales crews of the various shops.

 In Hong Kong the sales crew would delightfully encourage a buyer to offer me to bring two different sizes of the same design of clothes that I would like to fit inside the fitting room.  A sales lady actually chased me and insisted to fit a smaller size.  Unlike in Manila, sales lady would never offer such and I would usually ask permission to bring 2 sizes for me to try on.

 In Hong Kong the sales crew never forgot the moment to greet me as soon as I entered their store and never miss the chance to say thank you even if I did not purchase any item at all when I leave.  Unlike here in Manila the sales crew would give you a rude bad look if you fit on certain merchandise but leave the store without buying a single item making yourself so guilty for messing up their merchandise.

 In Hong Kong the sales crew would automatically call another branch if the item you wish to have is of different color or if the size you want is either smaller or bigger.  Unlike here in Manila, the sales lady would automatically say “wala” (“none”) even without lifting a finger or checking their storeroom or asking a colleague.

 Yun nga lang di ko maintindihan ang sinasabi ng mga Chekwa. 

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