Dancer in the Dark

Last weekend, I tried to shut off my life for 2 hours and try to find an eccentric movie available in the internet and unexpectedly stumbled into “Dancer in the Dark” starring pop singer Bjork.  A lot of people consider “Dancer in the Dark” a 2000 Danish movie directed by Lars von Trier as the loneliest, saddest and most depressing movie ever. But I have seen more depressing movies than this one.  Nevertheless, though the movie is already 10 years old, it remains to be an emotional bulldozer.

What I like about the movie is the way the powerful heart-wrenching story was presented. It is inventive, shockingly simple yet original which is totally different from the usual mainstream Hollywood movie. Another worthy facet of the film is the brilliant acting by Bjork.  It was not Bjork that I am seeing but Selma Jezkova (the name of the main character) the genuine person enduring the pains and realities of her existence. 

Selma Jezkova is a mixture of amazing high spirits and fragile harmlessness with fortitudes of incapable dishonesty and genuine naivete.  Bjork is so effective there are times that when I disagree with Selma’s naïve decisions I want to physically get inside my computer monitor to enter the scene, pull her ear and slap her in the face for her to realize that her innocent inclinations and choices are amiss.

Ang pelikulang ito ay nakakaiyak, yamot, tuwa, inis, galit, ngiti, lungkot. Kaya sulit ang dalawang oras!

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