Almost Fooled by ‘Bench Uncut’

‘When you determine the value of other people based on their physical appearance, it becomes much harder not to evaluate your own worth based on how you look.’  I am soo guilty as charged, especially right after watching for the first time the bi-annual Bench underwear fashion show last week! 

No thanks to this fashion show because it took me awhile to re-align my thoughts and reconfigure my brain cells that good looks based on the current standard created by commercial capitalism, like any other currency, tend to multiply among those who already have it.  But at the end of the day, while much of the world around us may determine our value (either in full or in part) by the way we look, we are free to maintain our own perspectives, minds and viewpoints.

Besides, I thought fashion designers claim that what they want from models is to look like a blank canvass on which to paint.  They want models to be with hanger-like features on which clothes becomes the most apparent aspect of the ensemble.  So how come, the models in Bench Uncut fashion show are better looking and more stunning than the clothes they are wearing? 

Moreover, I have yet to find a read or a write-up about this recent fashion show reviewing, praising or disparaging the Bench clothes and apparels that were featured.  All I read about are the who’s who that graced the show and who walked the ramp this year sporting their toned rectus abdominus and pectoralis major.  The clothes’ designs and structures – which should be the pinnacle part of the show – were totally never discussed.  Therefore, Bench Uncut Fashion Show can be considered as one big phony.  For me, it’s an artificial form of “fashion show”!!!

At dahil dyan, eh ano ngayon kung malaki ang bilbil mo?!

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