Unpopular Gibo

Let me publicly announce that I will vote for Gibo.  I want him to be my next President.  I don’t want to justify my vote based on the man’s character, platform and qualifications.  The main reason why I will vote for him is because he is the only presidential candidate who can give specific solutions to specific problems.  He is the only candidate who responds to questions with precise unambiguous answers.  His answers are so factual, clear-cut and existent.  He doesn’t promise the birds and the bees.  He is the candidate who seems to be the most attached to reality about the present condition of the country.

However, Gibo is unpopular and is sure to lose.

Gibo is unpopular because he presents the aching truth about the country.  He acknowledges that going about the ironing of the damaged system of the government will be very difficult.  He doesn’t promise anything that is impossible to achieve in the next 6 years.  His stands and statements are so true that it often hurts.  As the saying goes, “truth hurts!”  Accepting a painful truth is very unpopular.

Gibo is unpopular because he doesn’t trash his opponents the way other candidates do to each other.  Attacking another opponent and waging negative campaigns against another candidate is what the Pinoy media wants.  Regrettably, media people consider these as more news worthy.  Recognizing an uncomplicated public figure is very unpopular.

Gibo is unpopular because ignorance is an epidemic in our country.  It’s a pity that a lot of people refuse to listen to intellectual rationale about the present status of the country.  Ignorant people would rather see and hear candidate’s artista relatives and candidates’ high and mighty unrealistic promises without specifics on how to go about it.  Spotting intelligence aside from being very rare is very unpopular.


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