Liliw: Immortal Tsinelas & Sinantol Pasta

Second time is as fascinating as the first.  This is what I felt when I got the opportunity to walk the narrow streets of Liliw Laguna for the second time.  The place is a paradise for shoes and tsinelas (slippers) lovers.  Too bad my subsequent visit to Liliw was just a stopover and there was only limited time to go gaga over footwear.  The diversity and assortment of footgear available in Liliw can rival the traditional shoe-making capital Marikina.

With only short time allotted, I was able to cover a number of stores with a thought framework “if the shoe fits, buy it!”  I bought myself two pairs of leather-made immortal tsinelas at only 190 pesos each.  I consider it immortal because it takes like a lifetime before these Liliw-made footgear-s would tear off.

An ideal Filipino province, Liliw is clean, organized, peaceful and tourist-friendly.  Aside from the amazing footwear, there is another bonanza I struck in this place.  It is a Tagalog delicacy that I believe can only be found in the Philippines.  It’s called Sinantol.  It is a dish out from the velvety skinned tropical fruit santol in which the pulp is grated and squeezed off its juice cooked with coconut milk, red chili pepper and bagoong alamang (salty shrimp paste).

Sinantol is commonly eaten with other Pinoy viands and hot steamed rice.  However, since I hardly store rice grains in my house, I instead mixed the Sinantol with cooked spaghetti pasta.  It was awesome!  My taste buds wanted to grow its own taste buds so as to relish the heavenly flavor in my palate.  Thanks to the absence of any rice grain in my house because I was able to put together one amazing gourmet sensation! Yum yum!!

Sarap tikman at tapakan…

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