Venus Raj Should Reign The Universe

Aptly named Venus is the “pending” beauty title holder (not the planet) who should reign the universe.  In the midst of all the brouhaha about Venus Raj’s stripping of her Bb. Pilipinas-Universe title and in the process of reclaiming it back, the exotic-skinned lady should no doubt represent the country in this year’s Ms. Universe pageant.  It seems that mythology, onomastics, numerology, fairy tale galore and principles of modern marketing enterprise seem to conspire why she should win the most coveted beauty title in the planet, herewith are some glaring reasons:

  • On Onomastics and Mythology:  Appropriately named Venus.  This lady with swan-like neck was named after a major goddess of the Roman mythology that is principally associated with love and beauty.  Her surname Raj is an Indian word meaning dominion, power and reign.  Thus, her name simply defines “Reigning Love & Beauty” which suits the description of a Ms. Universe.
  • On Numerology:  This lady with long tresses was born in July 7, 1988.  If her birth date would be written in dd/mm/yy format it would look like 07/07/88.  Her birthday represents the numbers 7 and 8.  Seven is considered a mystic and sacred number.  It is a mystic number that is why there is 7 deadly sins, 7 wonders of the world, 7 last words, 7 kings of Rome, seventh heaven (that is beyond power and description) and 7-year itch.  Eight is considered the most powerful number.  In Chines feng shui, the number 8 expresses the totality of the universe.  It is the number of balance and of cosmic order according to the Egyptians.  Eight means multiplicity in Japan.  It is the lucky number associated to prosperity
  • On Fairy Tale Galore:  The life and success story of this 5 feet 9 inches tall lady can be paralleled to the lives and experiences encountered by the lead characters of well-known fairy tales.  Venus’s life is a classic Cinderella story.  According to Wikipedia, Venus was born out of wedlock and grew-up at a scanty town  in the province of Camarines Sur.  Her mother, a farmer and dressmaker was the sole person who brought her up as a child.  They lived in a nipa hut with no electricity in the middle of a sprawling rice field.  Strutting on rice paddies’ dikes was her early training for walking on fashion runways.  Thus, she is a living story of a young woman living in unfortunate circumstances which suddenly change to remarkable fortune.  People may wonder who is the evil witch and wicked step-sisters in Venus’ life.  It is so evident that these characters are in the person of Stella Araneta and the Binibining Pilipinas Charities officers respectively!
  • On Modern Marketing Enterprise:  If Venus will be crowned, all forms of media all over the planet would have a screamer headline “Venus (not the planet) Reigns The Universe”.  Media all over the world would feature a beauty queen with humble beginnings ala Cinderella story who fought hard in redeeming her right to represent a country went home with the title of Ms. Universe.  News agencies would definitely have a bash on this newsworthy story and can then follow-up it up with other feature stories on how the stars aligned and conspired with mythology, numerology and onomastics on Venus’ fate and destiny.  That would definitely be an interesting and positive newspaper read.  With such colorful story of Venus, Mr. Donald Trump and his Ms. Universe Organization will have the opportunity to rekindle interest from corporate sponsorships and advertisers in his future pageants.  For sure, they will gather heaps of money out from this.

Pwes, ipadala man ng Pinas o hindi, manalo man o matalo, dinedeklara kong si Venus Raj ang Ms. Universe sa planetang Venus.

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