Black Saturday with B&S

After doing my regular weekly grocery, the marathon showing of Brothers & Sisters Season 3 featured in Channel 23 gave me a reason to stay indoor the whole day of Black Saturday.

Spending Black Saturday is supposed to be quiet  and serene as usually observed by my family.  It is a tradition that we always observe.  Thanks to Lola Teray (Nengkoy’s mom) who when was still alive would caution and admonish us not to be noisy and require us to talk at a very low sound starting at 3:00 PM of Good Friday until the whole day of Black Saturday because “patay ang Dyos” (the Lord is dead).  She would only allow us to laugh and speak loudly when Easter comes.

But watching the marathon run of Brothers & Sisters Season 3 made me a delinquent iniquitous “apo” (grandson) of Lola Teray.  The show made me laugh hard and loud because of the antics that Nora Walker and her crazy children would do in the awesome tv series.  I have been a huge fan of the series because the witty and graceful grown-up story-telling is simply alluring. 

The story and the characters are faced with issues that resonates with real people and there is something in it for everyone that you can easily relate to.  It is light-hearted!  What I love most are the enjoyable mishaps of the characters that remind me of my own family… sort of.  Arguments can be high-minded or insanely petty that will surely make a viewer burst into laughter.

Kung buhay si Lola Teray, nabatukan na ko ng bonggang bongga!

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