“The Little Prince”

Two hours is what it takes to completely prepare me to go to my office.  Two hours is what it takes for me to finish my weekly grocery and window shopping weekly.  Two hours is what it takes for me to finish my usual internet surfing.  Two hours is what it takes for me to accomplish my exercise regimen whenever I feel like going to the gym.  There’s a lot of things that can be done in two hours.

It took me two hours to finish reading the book entitled “The Little Prince” a French novel written by Antoine De Saint-Exupery translated in English by Katherine Woods.  In this precious two hours, I was able to grasp a lot of interesting wisdom out from the story told about the Little Prince.

The book may seem to look like it is intended for kids but after digesting every deep meanings presented by the author, for me, it is simply too complicated for younger kids to fully understand its true messages.  The book should not be taken into its superficial account for a reader to fully appreciate it.  It challenges the reader to make his or her own personal understanding of the different characters and what they represent in a reader’s life.  The book is so great because it can actually stimulate a reader’s deeper perspective about life.  It is so impressive because it gives the reader to free-willingly identify and subjectively correlate the events, symbolisms and characters in the story towards that of the reader’s own life encounters.

I definitely feel that this remarkable book will only get better and more interesting as I grow older.  Hence, I hope to read this manuscript again at least five years from now and wonder what correlations would pop-out from my mind when I encounter again those simple yet meaningful events and characters in the story.  I also hope that I could finish the book again in just two precious hours…

Ang sabi sa libro, “wat is esensyal is inbisibol to da ay”.  Ang taray!  

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